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By Kunal Mehta
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February 21, 2016Bio reading list (updated with "Time, Love, Memory" by Jonathan Weiner)
July 28, 2014Introductions
June 15, 2014Genetically Modified
May 11, 2014Shades of Green
February 15, 2014Thoughts on the $1,000 genome (updated March 16)
February 4, 2014Translation from business-speak to English of Thermo Fisher CEO Mark Casper's letter to customers announcing its acquisition of Life Technologies
January 29, 2014An appreciation of science
January 26, 2014People who are serious about wetware should write their own software [PDF]
September 3, 2012Grand Challenges in Biological Engineering [PDF]
November 5, 2011Calculation of carbon dioxide emissions from hydrogen production
October 24, 2011Notes on Wiki editing
April 17, 2010On the duality of distributions

Programs for
biological engineering

Reverse-complement calculator - checks for mutations between two ORFs and determines whether they are silent
smImport.m - imports SoftMax Pro files to MATLAB - plots primer melting temperatures along a DNA sequence
optimizeForCFPS.m (Updated on April 12, 2014 with the ability to choose which regions of the sequence are mutated) - minimizes secondary structure at the 5' end of cell-free protein synthesis templates